Leak Detection

Leaky pipes are among some of the greatest causes of residential property damage. These problems can cause drywall and flooring damage and they can lead to the bowing, warping and splitting of basic construction materials. Identifying these issues and resolving them in a timely fashion is the best thing that you can do to protect the value and integrity of your home investment.

What To Do Before You Contact A Pipe Repair Service

If your pipe has a major leak, it is important to turn off the water supply. This will minimize the amount of property damage that is sustained while you wait for a professional to fix or replace the broken pipe. If you cannot locate the water shut-off valve, make sure to have your pipe repair service point it out to you for future events. When possible, place a bucket or other container under the source of the leak to collect any spillage.

Why Your Leaky Pipe Repair Should Be Performed By Professionals

There are countless online tutorials that will show you how to repair a plumbing leak on your own. If these efforts fail, however, you will be responsible for the costs of the resulting damages. Moreover, your home insurance policy could be voided. Most insurers require that all major repairs be completed by trained professionals who are both licensed and bonded.

Scheduling A Whole House Inspection

You don’t have to have puddles of water on your floor in order to have a plumbing leak. Slow and hidden leaks can take weeks or even months to present visible damages. These are often found behind drywall and appliances and they can lead to escalating water bills, mold and mildew development and a host of other issues. Scheduling a whole house plumbing inspection with E and K Plumbing service will allow seasoned plumbers to identify and resolve slow and hidden leaks before the resulting damages spiral out of control. E and K Plumbing can assist you with all your pipe repair issues, no matter how large or small these may be.