The Signs of Problems with Drains and Sewer Lines

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Functional drains are an essential part of a building’s plumbing, and the devices require maintenance and repair on a routine or emergency basis. Drains are located inside a building and lead to sewer lines, but both must have debris removed in order for water to flow efficiently through the devices. There are often signs of an impending clog in a drain or sewer line, and we recommend calling for service when these occur. You may notice that the fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens are draining slowly while making a gurgling noise. Occasionally, a clogged drain will cause sewage to flow backward into sinks and bathtubs. In addition, when you flush a toilet, it may overflow water and waste onto the floor.

Contact Us for Preventative Maintenance or Emergency Service

Instead of waiting until the situation becomes worse, call us at to have a plumber clean debris from drains and sewer lines. When a drain and sewer problem is in the earliest stages, we can schedule an appointment during the day at a customer’s convenience. However, we can also provide emergency when sewer lines are backing up inside a building or outside on the lawns. Professional is faster than a few years ago because we are able to use a camera to find a clog inside the sewer lines. Our plumbers can look at the clog on a computer screen to determine what it is composed of in order to plan its removal with hydro-jetting equipment. Most clogs are composed of a combination of materials such as:

• Bathroom tissue
• Hair
• Vegetable peelings
• Invading tree roots
• Grease

How to Prevent Drain and Sewer Line Clogs

In the past, we had to dig through a building’s lawns to determine where a clog was located in order to remove it with old-fashioned equipment, but today, we use highly pressurized water to dislodge a clog. We can open manhole covers to insert the hydro-jetting device or dig only one hole to reach a sewer line. Most drain and sewer cleaning jobs require an hour or less to complete, and there is no mess to clean up after the job is finished. To prevent clogs in the future, our customers can make sure not to pour grease and hard debris inside a kitchen’s drain. Remove trees and shrubs located near to sewer lines to prevent invading roots, and install hair catchers over bathtub drain. Call today at (404) 267-3647.